Why You Shouldn’t Delete That Negative Review!


Almost every business will eventually receive customer complaints and negative reviews. It is an unavoidable part of doing business. How a company handles these reviews is extremely important, since the wrong move can make a complaint go from a situation that is able to be salvaged, to [...]

Customer Service – Your Most Valuable Company Asset!


The biggest mistake companies make is failing to understand exactly how critical customer service is to business success. Relying on products and services, great prices, or company reputation alone leaves a huge gap in any business plan, as good customer service is more than simply handling complaints. [...]

How Good Customer Service Helps Retain Valued Customers!


Finding new customers is something that every business works hard to achieve to stay in business. What some companies may not realize is that with better customer retention, the fight may not be so hard. Customers that stay bring tend to bring and/or attract more customers that [...]

You Can Improve Your Review Ranking on Google Places!


Almost every business deals with their share of customers who want to make a complaint. It is an inevitable part of doing business. What is frustrating to a business is the fact that some people simply do not know how to file a complaint so their concerns [...]

Customer Service and Answering Social Media Messages!


Social media has undoubtedly become one of the most important tools for a business to increase brand awareness and attract new followers. Yet many businesses make one very critical mistake when they ignore comments and customer complaints made on their social media pages. To provide the very [...]

Customer Complaints – How They Can Be Good For Business!


Another day, another dollar, and another customer complaint - making it seem like doing business is more of a headache than anything else. While customer complaints are never pleasant to deal with, the smart business owner pays close attention to them. This is because complaints are just [...]

Does Your Complaint Management Program Have A Plan?

Customer complaints are something every business must deal with, at least to some extent. As a result, complaint management is a critical part of customer service that every company must ensure is properly handled. Good online complaint management requires a definite plan of action, and the development of complaint […]

GripeO CEO Mike Klanac AMA on Product Hunt

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Learn About The Best Ways To Handle Customer Complaints!


Every company deals with its share of customer complaints. Complaints are a part of doing business, and something all businesses must learn to face. The way in which a company handles customer issues is critical, since poorly handling customer complaints is reputation suicide. Answering customer complaints effectively [...]

Online Customer Service – How to Make It The Best Ever!

With online business being more prevalent than ever before, a company must appreciate the importance of providing online customer service as well. Social customer support services are an essential part of business success today, something consumers look for when shopping online. Therefore, knowing […]