Customer Complaints – How They Can Be Good For Business!


Another day, another dollar, and another customer complaint - making it seem like doing business is more of a headache than anything else. While customer complaints are never pleasant to deal with, the smart business owner pays close attention to them. This is because complaints are just [...]

Does Your Complaint Management Program Have A Plan?

Customer complaints are something every business must deal with, at least to some extent. As a result, complaint management is a critical part of customer service that every company must ensure is properly handled. Good online complaint management requires a definite plan of action, and the development of complaint […]

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Learn About The Best Ways To Handle Customer Complaints!


Every company deals with its share of customer complaints. Complaints are a part of doing business, and something all businesses must learn to face. The way in which a company handles customer issues is critical, since poorly handling customer complaints is reputation suicide. Answering customer complaints effectively [...]

Online Customer Service – How to Make It The Best Ever!

With online business being more prevalent than ever before, a company must appreciate the importance of providing online customer service as well. Social customer support services are an essential part of business success today, something consumers look for when shopping online. Therefore, knowing […]

How To Be Sure Your Customer Service Is Customer-Focused!

As online competition for all business types soars, there is one thing setting success stories apart from the rest of the crowd - great customer service. Research on business practices, and what affects customer satisfaction, continue to point to customer relations as a key influence, which reveals to [...]

How To Handle a Customer Complaint on Social Media

by Mark Landiak & Michael Janowski

“Your service ******* sucks!” – Brad, 23, Chicago

“We waited 45 minutes, and they still messed up our order. Don’t even bother with this place.” – Jessica, 25, New York City

So you got a bad social media consumer review. Don’t panic. It’s not the […]

Griping Customers – How A Good Complaint Service Can Help!

 One thing every business must do well is handle customer complaints, a process that can be quite challenging and unappealing to many employees. A business can create their own complaint management programs, although that could take valuable time and resources to hire and train the right people.

Another [...]

Is Social Media Used More To Praise or Make A Complaint?

Social media has become an essential part of running a web-based business, allowing companies and their customers to easily communicate. While social profiles, such as Facebook, offer a venue for consumers to interact with a business, does social media merely provide a place for people to register […]

Proactively Turn Customer Complaints Into Opportunities!

No business enjoys dealing with customer complaints – and customers don’t like having to complain either. Unfortunately, complaints are one small, yet negative aspect of doing business; mistakes happen, and customers will sometimes be dissatisfied. When it comes to handling online customer service […]