Online Customer Service – How to Make It The Best Ever!

With online business being more prevalent than ever before, a company must appreciate the importance of providing online customer service as well. Social customer support services are an essential part of business success today, something consumers look for when shopping online. Therefore, knowing […]

How To Be Sure Your Customer Service Is Customer-Focused!

How To Handle a Customer Complaint on Social Media

by Mark Landiak & Michael Janowski

“Your service ******* sucks!” – Brad, 23, Chicago

“We waited 45 minutes, and they still messed up our order. Don’t even bother with this place.” – Jessica, 25, New York City

So you got a bad social media consumer review. Don’t panic. It’s not the […]

Griping Customers – How A Good Complaint Service Can Help!

Is Social Media Used More To Praise or Make A Complaint?

Social media has become an essential part of running a web-based business, allowing companies and their customers to easily communicate. While social profiles, such as Facebook, offer a venue for consumers to interact with a business, does social media merely provide a place for people to register […]

Proactively Turn Customer Complaints Into Opportunities!

No business enjoys dealing with customer complaints – and customers don’t like having to complain either. Unfortunately, complaints are one small, yet negative aspect of doing business; mistakes happen, and customers will sometimes be dissatisfied. When it comes to handling online customer service […]

Online Customer Service – Have Truly Exceptional Moments!

Online commerce is increasing in leaps and bounds, as more companies than ever establish a presence on the internet. Even businesses with brick-and-mortar stores can conduct a great deal of their business online now, making web sales an important part of every company’s success. To provide the best online sales experience, a company must […]

Customer Service and Social Media – Really Working Together!

One of the best things a business can offer their customers is great customer service. It resolves problems, improves customer satisfaction, and creates the great reputation a company needs to be competitive. However, providing that level of customer care is a little […]

Week 5 at Seed Sumo

Week 5 at Seed Sumo was a blast we had an entrepreneur celebrity, Will Bunker, come in to work with each team individually on key points that each founder was struggling with. His advice was specific and tailored to each specific need. Will has a unique skill at getting to the heart of a problem […]

Lululemon Recall

Lululemon has been hit with another wardrobe malfunction – but this time it doesn’t have to do with see-through yoga pants.

Lululemon Athletica (LULU) is recalling over 300,000 women’s tops because the hard-tipped drawstrings have whipped some of the wearers in the face, causing injuries.